May. 24th, 2006

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I was watching a program about rodents on Animal Planet last night and learned this interesting fact about capybaras: In the 17th century, Europeans in the new world didn't know whether to classify the capybara as an animal or a fish (they swim). They wrote to the Pope, who declared the capybara to be a fish. This makes it the only mammal that is ok to eat during Lent.

Something else that made me laugh: This is a conversation I had with my mom in a restaraunt last night.

Me: What's this itchy spot look like to you?

Mom: Probably just a bug bite. (it was)

Me: I'm sorry, I think I have the Plague.

Mom: Again? *sigh* I'm getting really tired of pushing your food into the garage with a broom, you know.

Me: Well, can't you just brick me up in my bedroom?

Mom: No, I don't want the smell in the house.

Me: Gee, thanks. I don't think the leper hospital will take me, either.

Mom: Well, after what happened last time you were there, how can you blame them?

Heehee! I love my mom!

And here's one from dad: He went fishing yesterday, and when he got back he called his best friend to talk for a bit. The friend, seeing it was dad calling on caller ID, answered the phone with "Go Fishing!" "Funny you should say that," dad said, "that's what I was just doing." They proceeded to ramble on about fishing and other guy stuff. After a while, dad's friend says, "By the way, when I answered the phone, I said 'Go Pistons!'"
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I just volunteered to autocrat Dancer's Revolt this fall. At the Roaring Wastes baronial business meeting this evening I found out that there wasn't a DR planned this year. The same person has been running it for the last eon or so and has decided she doesn't want to this year. I was counting on this event to be able to get together with my Laurel, Maestro [ profile] lyev, so I found myself saying I'd do it. I've never been an autocrat, co-autocrat, or autocrat-in-training before.



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