May. 31st, 2006

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Today I went to the Henry Ford Museum with my friend Jenn. Someone gave her a member-plus-friend membership for her birthday, so we both got in for free. I hadn't been to the museum since I was in elementary school, so it was different and interesting. Some highlights:
Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House. This was just the coolest thing. And it's the only one in the world!
The Rosa Parks Bus. Yes, this really is *the* bus. It was amazing just to see it. The whole Liberty and Justice For All exhibit was impressive and thought-provoking.
The honkin' big steam locomotive engine just boggles the mind, too.

We wandered through the museum, had lunch, then wandered some more. At one point we decided to see if we could get into Greenfield Village and ride the train around the park. We also got in for free, and the train ride only cost $4. Given the cost of museum and park entries, the pass more than paid for itself in just one visit. We have plans to go back several more times, especially when the weather is cooler. We are also talking about making period outfits to wander around in (yes, we are history geeks and costume junkies).

The absolute *best* part of the day? Spending time with Jenn. She's been under the weather lately, but she's doing *much* better now. And she doesn't live too far away from me, maybe half an hour or so, so we're going to try to get together more.

Such an awesome day!


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