Jun. 6th, 2006


Jun. 6th, 2006 12:28 am
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It's finally quiet in my house.

Today was unusually productive for us lazy folk, but the noise was extremely annoying (especially since I woke up with a headache). We had two men working on repairing and replacing the crumbling bricks on the front of our porch, something that has needed to be done for many years (like most of our home repairs and maintenance duties). Not only were they tinkering away with hammers and chisels, they got out something much like a jackhammer to dig out the old bricks and cement. No matter where I hid in the house, the sound travelled through the walls and made my headache worse. I couldn't just hide in my room; it's on the front of the house where the work was being done. Also, dad was watching tv in my room in an attempt to drown out the hammering, until he left for a doctor's appointment. We also had some cleaning to do, and the vaccuum ran quite a lot. On top of all that, we had another contractor come to look at our roof to give us an estimate on replacement costs. He needed to be able to look at our second porch, the only door to which is in my room. Again, no hiding in my room. Even after the workmen and the contractor left, it was still noisy here. Several neighbors were mowing their lawns, and dad had his tv on as loud as usual (his hearing is really bad).

But now it's quiet. Mom and dad went to bed, and it's wonderfully, blissfully quiet. Until the bricklayers come back tomorrow.

One amusing note: the man who's doing the brickwork is a retired bricklayer named Vic, and his son, Angelo. The name of their small business is "Vickie the Brickie." It made me laugh. They're also doing lovely work.


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