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I've accomplished so much in such a short time today. Right after I got home from A2 I installed my parents' new wireless optical mouse. They hadn't installed it correctly because they hadn't read the instructions. Yay! We no longer have a squeaky mouse!

Then I finally managed to find a hardware store that had the right kind of blanks to make copies of my car key. The plastic part of my key, which goes through the key ring, has been splitting for a long time and is resistant to all forms of glue. Today the key finally came out of the plastic, which meant I could actually lose the darn thing. I've been trying to have copies made for ages; nobody ever had the right kind of blanks. So today I went to a little mom&pop hardware store on the off chance they could make copies, and they did! So now I finally have a spare car key for my parents, who lost the one I made them years ago. And I have a new favorite hardware store. All the employees there were hot, particularly the flock of cute, buff little emo boys. Cute, buff little emo boys who can fix things. Not that I'm at all dissatisfied with my cute, buff non-emo boy who can also fix things!

I know these are small, silly things to get so excited about, but hey, you should take your happiness where you can find it!
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