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This is Victor.

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Jun. 29th, 2006 01:30 am
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Massive pounding screaming headaches that wake you up at night really suck.
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Alan Rickman, Eddie Izzard and two guys I don't know, doing Monty Python's The Four Yorkshiremen.
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Picked from [livejournal.com profile] saltatoria's pocket:
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Jun. 26th, 2006 01:49 am
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I just had a religious experience.

I have worshipped Peter Murphy for more than half my life.

I just got home from the Bauhaus/NIN concert.

I now have personal confirmation that Peter Murphy is a god.

Pardon me while I go off into transports of ecstasy.
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Noon: Begin new sewing project: wrap pants!

EDIT: 2:00PM, finished!

EDIT: 2:20PM: We also got a digital camera, so here's a picture of the new pants (yes, I look like crap, it's hot and stuffy here - don't look at me, look at my cool pants!)
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I love these pants. I need to make many many more pairs! And I love our new camera, especially the timer function!
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I see that it's been almost two weeks since my last post, so here's what I've been up to.
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On Saturday [livejournal.com profile] flinx and I went to the Arb to see the peonies in bloom. His camera took some incredible pictures.
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Jun. 6th, 2006 12:28 am
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It's finally quiet in my house.

Today was unusually productive for us lazy folk, but the noise was extremely annoying (especially since I woke up with a headache). We had two men working on repairing and replacing the crumbling bricks on the front of our porch, something that has needed to be done for many years (like most of our home repairs and maintenance duties). Not only were they tinkering away with hammers and chisels, they got out something much like a jackhammer to dig out the old bricks and cement. No matter where I hid in the house, the sound travelled through the walls and made my headache worse. I couldn't just hide in my room; it's on the front of the house where the work was being done. Also, dad was watching tv in my room in an attempt to drown out the hammering, until he left for a doctor's appointment. We also had some cleaning to do, and the vaccuum ran quite a lot. On top of all that, we had another contractor come to look at our roof to give us an estimate on replacement costs. He needed to be able to look at our second porch, the only door to which is in my room. Again, no hiding in my room. Even after the workmen and the contractor left, it was still noisy here. Several neighbors were mowing their lawns, and dad had his tv on as loud as usual (his hearing is really bad).

But now it's quiet. Mom and dad went to bed, and it's wonderfully, blissfully quiet. Until the bricklayers come back tomorrow.

One amusing note: the man who's doing the brickwork is a retired bricklayer named Vic, and his son, Angelo. The name of their small business is "Vickie the Brickie." It made me laugh. They're also doing lovely work.
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I spend one day out of the house, not stuck to my computer as the only contact with the outside world, and nearly everyone on my friends list posted yesterday. Sheesh. Now I have to play catch-up with some of the memes.
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Today I went to the Henry Ford Museum with my friend Jenn. Someone gave her a member-plus-friend membership for her birthday, so we both got in for free. I hadn't been to the museum since I was in elementary school, so it was different and interesting. Some highlights:
Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House. This was just the coolest thing. And it's the only one in the world!
The Rosa Parks Bus. Yes, this really is *the* bus. It was amazing just to see it. The whole Liberty and Justice For All exhibit was impressive and thought-provoking.
The honkin' big steam locomotive engine just boggles the mind, too.

We wandered through the museum, had lunch, then wandered some more. At one point we decided to see if we could get into Greenfield Village and ride the train around the park. We also got in for free, and the train ride only cost $4. Given the cost of museum and park entries, the pass more than paid for itself in just one visit. We have plans to go back several more times, especially when the weather is cooler. We are also talking about making period outfits to wander around in (yes, we are history geeks and costume junkies).

The absolute *best* part of the day? Spending time with Jenn. She's been under the weather lately, but she's doing *much* better now. And she doesn't live too far away from me, maybe half an hour or so, so we're going to try to get together more.

Such an awesome day!
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From [livejournal.com profile] kenllama. This doesn't actually surprise me, either. I think it's the hair.
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Check this out: the is a link to a video of a guy who does animation with nothing but sand and a projector. It's got rather cheesy music, but it's fascinating to watch.
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I just got back from watching the Ferndale Memorial Day Parade. This used to be a major thing around here, but this year was really disappointing. I haven't seen the parade in years, so apparently the decline has been happening over time. There were no actual floats, just people driving cars or minivans with signs on the side. There were fewer marching bands, but that's because they consolidated the elementary schools and junior highs. The high school band sounded great, as usual, and there were more flag corp members (flagits!) than there used to be. But I missed the civil war re-enactors, firing their muskets in salute. The fife and drum corps has also left us, which is a shame. There were also fewer civic organizations marching, and fewer people watching than there used to be.

Now, I'm not wildly patriotic, but I do appreciate the good things about our country. I'm also big on nostalgia; that's why I went to the parade in the first place. I just feel that if there's going to be a parade, it should be more impressive than this one was.

When I was a kid, the Governor of Michigan was from Ferndale/Pleasant Ridge, and he used to be our parade marshall every year. He also started the tradition of having jets fly over from Selfridge AFB. Nothing this year. At least they kept the traditional closing, having the fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars drive by and sound their sirens.

I was impressed by one thing: the peace organization had a huge turn out, and they were carrying an enormous puppet-like dove. That was pretty darn cool. And appropriate for Memorial Day, I think!

Dad will never let us forget what we sometimes refer to as The Parade That Will Live In Infamy. Many years ago the high school marching band, instead of playing traditional marches, played the theme song to "Rocky." Dad was pissed. Apparently many other people were, too, and the band has never played it since! Every year, as the band marches by playing a Souza piece, Dad says "At least it's not 'Rocky!'"

It was still kind of fun, though. (and I may be overly nostalgic and sentimental, as many of you know, but the tears I had in my eyes were from my melted sunscreen. really!)
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I just volunteered to autocrat Dancer's Revolt this fall. At the Roaring Wastes baronial business meeting this evening I found out that there wasn't a DR planned this year. The same person has been running it for the last eon or so and has decided she doesn't want to this year. I was counting on this event to be able to get together with my Laurel, Maestro [livejournal.com profile] lyev, so I found myself saying I'd do it. I've never been an autocrat, co-autocrat, or autocrat-in-training before.

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I was watching a program about rodents on Animal Planet last night and learned this interesting fact about capybaras: In the 17th century, Europeans in the new world didn't know whether to classify the capybara as an animal or a fish (they swim). They wrote to the Pope, who declared the capybara to be a fish. This makes it the only mammal that is ok to eat during Lent.

Something else that made me laugh: This is a conversation I had with my mom in a restaraunt last night.

Me: What's this itchy spot look like to you?

Mom: Probably just a bug bite. (it was)

Me: I'm sorry, I think I have the Plague.

Mom: Again? *sigh* I'm getting really tired of pushing your food into the garage with a broom, you know.

Me: Well, can't you just brick me up in my bedroom?

Mom: No, I don't want the smell in the house.

Me: Gee, thanks. I don't think the leper hospital will take me, either.

Mom: Well, after what happened last time you were there, how can you blame them?

Heehee! I love my mom!

And here's one from dad: He went fishing yesterday, and when he got back he called his best friend to talk for a bit. The friend, seeing it was dad calling on caller ID, answered the phone with "Go Fishing!" "Funny you should say that," dad said, "that's what I was just doing." They proceeded to ramble on about fishing and other guy stuff. After a while, dad's friend says, "By the way, when I answered the phone, I said 'Go Pistons!'"
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Great big enormous thanks to [livejournal.com profile] flinx for all his help this weekend. My mother had a garage sale and we conscripted him for all the heavy labor stuff. His Eagle Scout background was quite visible as he kindly did everything that we asked him to. My sweetie is so awesome!

This was my first garage sale in many years. It was interesting watching the different types of people who showed up and seeing who bought what. I had heard that Ferndale has been turning into a gay Mecca in recent years, but this was my first real sight of that. Yay Ferndale! My hometown has gotten so much cooler in the last ten years!


May. 20th, 2006 05:14 pm
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Goodbye Murphy. We will all miss you.
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Murphy MacKenzie
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I just spent the last 3 hours helping my dad assemble a new gas grill. The instructions claimed that assembly should only take half an hour. Ha ha. We still need to go back and take one section apart because we didn't do it right, but dad's back was tired and the storms are rolling in, so we'll do it later.

What made the afternoon so interesting was that when I first stepped out the back door to lend a hand, the first thing I saw was a great blue heron on the roof of the house behind our neighbors. A few hours later we spotted two hawks circling the neighborhood. I live in the suburbs of Detroit, so this is pretty unusual. On the other hand, my house is half a mile away from the Zoo. Before they built I-696, people a few blocks north of us used to find peacocks from the Zoo on their lawns.


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